Getting Started with dashthis

Getting Started

Being at the top of the reporting game while saving time is a matter of only six steps; we’ve created a list of these steps to guide you while you’re creating the perfect dashboard. Being awesome at reporting has never been so easy!

The Essential How-To Guide to DashThis

  • Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboard Software

    step 1 icon Sign up for a free trial

    If you haven’t already done so, start a free trial to get the DashThis experience for 15 days and explore all the possibilities our automated tool offers!

    Sign up for free trial
  • analytics reporting tools

    step 2 icon Connect your integrations

    What’s a dashboard without data? The tool’s integrations section is where you’ll connect the data sources you need for your dashboards; we offer over 30 integrations!

    Learn to connect your data
  • Dashboard Creator

    step 3 icon Create your dashboard

    Pick the type of dashboard, the data sources, the language, and the currency that fits your needs. Choose a preset template or start from scratch, it’s up to you!

    Learn to create your dashboard
  • dashboard widgets

    step 4 icon Add your widgets

    Widgets are how you display your data: choose the type of visual and the metrics/dimensions that matter to you and your client. You show what you want, the way you want.

    Learn to add a widget
  • white label reports

    step 5 icon Make it look good

    Use your sense of aesthetics to create the perfect layout: move the widgets around, resize them, add a logo. Make your dashboard beautiful, efficient, and easy to read!

    Learn to edit your work
  • marketing dashboard sharing

    step 6 icon Share the final product

    Whether you set an automatic email dispatch, export the dashboard as a PDF, or manually send a URL link, the last step is showing your hard work to your client!

    Learn to share your dashboard
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